Eagle Commission Video available for Memorial Day!

The Eagle Commission serves as a strategic link between the people of Charis Fellowship congregations and its representative military chaplains around the world. The Eagle Commission offers the means to express support of the chaplains and their ministry and to keep updated on their latest news and prayer requests.

The Eagle Commission is producing a series of videos for use in churches and on its website about the ministry of our chaplains.

Our first video is linked to Memorial Day and is ready for your church to use on Memorial Day weekend. It focuses on one aspect of chaplain ministry — that of providing pastoral care and ministry in the midst of combat when a service member is killed in action (KIA). Army Chaplain Billy Graham tells his story of ministry in Iraq in spring 2003 when one member of his unit is killed. The story is crafted in such a way as to remind all of the need to pray for our chaplains but also to remember that the sacrifices of our service men and women secures our religious freedom here in the states.

View the video at the Charis Fellowship Vimeo page: https://vimeo.com/336199184/2f1573fd7b

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Captain Jonas Winbolt receives Army Chaplain Assignment

Lt. Jonas Winbolt is no longer a chaplain candidate!!

Jonas received word yesterday that he has been approved as a chaplain in the United States Army.  He was one of five selected out of a pool of 40-60 candidates.

Congratulations to Jonas and Lisa.  This has been more than a 5 year process and it is exciting to be a part of it.

Jonas has been given a report date of 1/23/17 but as of yet does not know where the army will post him.

This placement as a chaplain includes a promotion to the rank of Captain as well.  So congratulations are in order!  

Received from Dr. Roy Halberg-
Grace Fellowship Church in Rancho Cucamonga