Items from Prior Grace Leaders Network Gatherings:


Death and Dying at our November 12, 2019 Grace Leaders Network Gathering, Dr. Don Shoemaker gave a short presentation on the topic with a Q & A conversation which followed.

Winning the Battle: Over Lusting in the Mind and Pornography by Jerry Davelaar on May 14, 2019 at Grace Community Church in Seal Beach, CA

Worship Conversation Handout by Justin Fox & Beth Balmer at Grace Long Beach March 14, 2019


Seeking Sabbath -Presenters Notes – GraceLeadersNetwork 2017-11-14  by Chris Hay

Rhythms of Rest and Time Block-GraceLeadersNetwork 2017-11-14 by Chris Hay

Equipping Worksheet -2017-09-12-GraceLeadersNetwork  from Mike Sciarra

Charis Celebration Sunday (Planned for Nov. 5, 2017) 

Charis Commitment to Common Identity – Approved as new Statement for the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches USA in July 2017

Care for Aging Parents – by Chaplain Lloyd Rinks – Shared April 2017


Ministering to Gender & Sexual Minorities by Tom Hocking – December 2016  (Word Doc with active hyperlinks)

Being 100% Successful in Evangelism by Ed Waken (Presenter notes) – November 2016

The Scope of Ministry (or 3 Scopes) by Mike Sciarra – October 2016

Sabbatical Policy for Church Leaders – Example from Grace Church of Orange – September 2016


Equipping- The Key to Growing Every Church by Tom Julien – October 2015

8 Tips on Starting a College Ministry by Bob Hetzler – October 2015


More Than A Sunday Faith by Chris Suitt- Free Teacher’s Companion Guide  Order the Book >> More Than A Sunday Faith


Undocumented Immigration Presentation by Dr. Donald Shoemaker

Wisdom from 1991

Bob Thompson shared his life journey with a regional gathering of Grace Brethren pastors that was held on November 13, 1991. Bob was battling cancer at this time which led to his death in 1993.

On April 9, 2013, we replayed his story to another generation of pastors. Near the end of the presentation, Bob shared what really matters in life when you get to the end (it’s worth the price of admission and then some). Bob Thompson Testimony Nov. 13, 1991