Our strongly held belief is that the Local Church is the ordaining body of elders and ministers. The Grace Churches Network partners with local churches to aid them in ordaining their own ministers.  We have a committed Ministerial Examining Board to help mentor your church and evaluate your leaders on the process of being ordained by their local church and recognized in the Charis Fellowship.

Our Ministerial Examining Board for 2019-2020:

Chair: Terry Daniels

Secretary: Tom Hocking

Additional Members: Mike Jentes, Cecil O’Dell, Glen Sykes, Richard Todd, Steve Williams, Dale Workman & Brian Zuniga

Our Ministerial Examining Board uses a consistent national process which was put together by Inspire to recognized ordained leaders in the Charis Fellowship. On the Inspire website you will find the documents (in English & Spanish) to complete the newly improved examination process including a guide to the process for the local church and the ordination candidate : ordination process web page.


(from this document https://www.inspirepastors.org/s/Pastoral-Ordination-Process-sgrg.pdf  )

STEP 1 – Application

The LOCAL CHURCH has the authority and responsibility to hire and ordain pastors for ministry. The candidate completes the Application as a way for the local church leadership to evaluate his theological understanding, doctrinal convictions, ministerial skills, personal life & integrity. It is recommended that a local church considering hiring a pastor use this application and send it to the district exam board for a recommendation. This application is also used to formally request entrance into the Pastoral Ordination Process. The Application should be sent to their District Examination Board Chairman. The entire Pastoral Ordination Process is dependent on where the candidate is in his ministry experience. The maximum time allotted should not exceed 3 years.

STEP 2 – Recognition

The LOCAL CHURCH has the authority and responsibility to ordain pastors for ministry. After the candidate completes the Application and is affirmed by the Local Church Elders (and preferably the District Exam Board) the local church officially recognizes the candidate as a man who has demonstrated sound character, ministerial gifting and calling into the pastoral ministry. This official action by the local church is to be considered a Commissioning to Pastoral Ministry (qualifying for clergy status as defined by the IRS) and is valid only in the commissioning local church until the Ordination Process has been completed.

STEP 3 – Preparation (Mentorship)

Upon receipt of the Application and Local Church Recognition Form, the District Examination Board will determine the proper entry point into the Ordination Process for the candidate based on level of experience and Biblical training. Each candidate will be expected to be connected to a mentor to help him prepare for the written and oral exam, and will be responsible to evaluate his life and ministry skills using Charis Beliefs 1 & 2. Each district will determine the best possible way to achieve this goal.

STEP 4 – Examination

Candidates who have not previously demonstrated mastery of Biblical understanding of theology and doctrine will complete the National Written Examination. The candidate will then complete an Oral Examination with the District Examination Board. The purpose of this examination is to clarify any inadequate or insufficient answers from the written exam.

STEP 5 – Recommendation

After a satisfactory Written Exam, Oral Exam and Mentor Recommendation of Life, Ministry and Integrity, a Recommendation will be made to the local church to proceed with Ordination. The LOCAL CHURCH is then expected to plan an ordination service and formally ordain the candidate into pastoral ministry.

For more details or to start the process,  please direct your inquiry to either the Chair or the Secretary of the Grace Churches Network Examining Board.