Our strongly held belief is that the Local Church is the ordaining body of elders and ministers. The Grace Churches Network partners with local churches to aid them in ordaining their own ministers.  We have a committed Ministerial Examining Board to help mentor your church and evaluate your leaders on the process of being ordained by their local church and recognized in the Charis Fellowship.

Our Ministerial Examining Board uses a consistent national process which was put together by Inspire to recognized ordained leaders in the Charis Fellowship. On the Inspire website you will find the documents (in English & Spanish) to complete the newly improved examination process including a guide to the process for the local church and the ordination candidate : ordination process web page.

Our Ministerial Examining Board for 2018-2019 is:

Chair: Terry Daniels

Secretary: Philip Teran

Additional Members:  Tom Hocking, Mike Jentes, Cecil O’Dell, Glen Sykes, Richard Todd, Steve Williams, Dale Workman

For more details or to start the process,  please direct your inquiry  to either the Chair or the Secretary of the Examining Board.