Grace Leaders Network

Our leadership network is here to help all church and ministry leaders to be connecting, learning and collaborating together! We want all ministry leaders to connect and bless our network (and receive a blessing themselves!)

  • We include the following ministry leaders:
    • full-time, part-time and volunteer leaders
    • men and women
    • local church pastoral staff, deacons, elders and ministry directors/leaders
    • para-church ministry leaders- including campus ministers, youth leaders, children’s ministry leaders, Christian school educators and staff, counseling groups, mission agencies/organizations, etc.

If you are serving the Lord and need a network of like-minded leaders to connect with, learn with and collaborate with, this is your place to network!

As a cooperating organization of the Grace Churches Network, the purpose of this organization shall be to facilitate a relational learning and collaborating network of leaders for the holistic development of churches in harmony with the Grace Churches Network.

Our Network Gatherings

Our Network Gatherings are held in a variety of locations monthly through the school year, typically on the second Tuesday of each month at 10am from September through May. You can sign up for the email list to be invited online here and stay tuned to the website for the upcoming schedule of events!

Our Leadership

Our Executive Board is unique in that it highlights unique aspects of our network through its five roles:

We have built in advocates for our leaders to encourage them in Equipping, Shepherding and being Missional! For more info and organization of the network you can see our Grace Leaders Network Charter 2016 [PDF] 

Our Cohorts

We want to provide opportunities for our regional leaders to connect with other leaders in their spheres of ministry– “Cohorts.”

  • Currently 4 cohorts are operational and you can connect with their coordinators to find out more details:
    1. Spanish-speaking leadersGuy Johnson – Bellflower
    2. Worship LeadersJustin Fox – Seal Beach Grace
    3. Youth Ministry LeadersJacob Baumer – Los Altos Grace
    4. Administrative LeadersChrista Heideman – Seal Beach Grace

We envision many more cohorts for the benefit of our leaders (childrens, womens, mens, missions, etc.) and if you would like to facilitate one or have further questions, please contact our Shepherding Advocate:  Bob Wriedt

Becoming a Member:

Fill out the form below or at the web form:

Special Notes:

1. If you would like to make a charitable donation to the Grace Leaders Network, you can do so through the following donation button

2. If you are a current member of the Grace LEADERS Network, there is a mileage reimbursement that you can request.  If you travel more than 60 miles one-way to a network meeting, we will reimburse your one-way mileage at the current IRS rate (2019 of $.545) per mile if you request it (or work out a fair flight cost).  Please submit that request and your one-way mileage in writing to our treasurer – Dale Workman.

3. If you are a credentialed (licensed or ordained) pastor or elder by your church or the district/Grace Churches Network, we don’t print annual membership cards although we have a record of that information. If requested, we can generate a membership letter and certificate for you as proof of your membership in good standing with the Grace Leaders Network. Email us at to make your request.

If you are interested in ORDINATION, please consult this webpage on our site

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