Social Concerns Committee Response to Charlottesville Incident

Our broader United States of America collection of churches-the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches-has a committee which articulates helpful positions regarding social concerns for our churches and leaders. Because of the decentralized nature of our Fellowship, these statements are typically proposed, revisited and approved as resolutions at the time of our annual national conference each July.

Because of the gravity of the Charlottesville incident, the committee felt that a response was needed. The following information and statement was circulated and we felt it important to be shared also with the network:

Subject: FGBC SOCIAL CONCERNS: Social Concerns Committee Response to Charlottesville Incident

Date: August 21, 2017 at 1:25:12 PM PDT

To: Pastors and other Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches Leaders:

We are all heartbroken by the incident in Charlottesville.  Worse, subsequent events have deteriorated our nation’s fabric and our ability (willingness?) to communicate and seek reconciliation even more.

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Announcing the Leadership for the Coming Year

We are glad to announce the following list of leaders and their roles in the network for the coming year:

2017-2018 Officers (Serving annually June 1-May 31)

Grace Churches Network

Moderator: Terry Daniels, 920 Fremont Ave. South Pasadena, CA 91030 (626) 799-6081

Vice Moderator: Mike Jentes, 6565 E. Stearns St. Long Beach, CA 90815 (562) 596-3358

Secretary: Tom Hocking 9405 E Flower St Bellflower, CA 90706 (562)925-6561

Treasurer: Dale Workman 5885 Downey Ave. Long Beach CA 90805 (562) 634-1056

Members-at-Large: Glen Sykes, Ed Waken, & Brian Zuniga
*added later by the Council- Manuel Espinosa & Vet Gonzalez



Chair: Terry Daniels

Secretary: Philip Teran

Additional Members: Roy Halberg, Tom Hocking, Cecil O’Dell, Glen Sykes, Richard Todd, Steve Williams, Dale Workman



Mike Jentes, Matt Simms, Dale Workman



Coordinator: Mike Jentes

Equipping Advocate: Mike Sciarra

Missional Advocate: Ed Waken

Shepherding Advocate: Richard Todd

Treasurer: Dale Workman



Exec. Director Neil Cole; Dezi Baker, Phil Helfer, Chris Suitt, Ed Waken

Downloadable 2017-18 Grace Churches Network Officers Sheet (PDF) 

Annual Dues coming Due!

It’s that time of year…to renew your membership to our networks– as leaders and as churches!

Membership to the Grace Leaders Network
is open to all church and ministry leaders in harmony with the Grace Churches Network. For only $25 annually you can support our network to bless you and other regional leaders.

Your 2017-2018 annual dues are due on May 1, 2017, we have an online way for you to do so via credit card  or you are welcome to send a check to “Grace Leaders Network,” Attn: Mike Jentes, E. 6565 Stearns St., Long Beach, CA 90815.


We request that each church which is a member of the Grace Churches Network contribute annually a fair dues amount. Annual dues is $1 per Church Member.  (Note: The National Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (FGBC) dues are based on another figure.)

*Please Enclose a copy of the 2017 FGBC Statistical Form along with the District Dues for your church. Dues Deadline for 2017-2018 is May 15, 2017.

CHECK WRITTEN TO: Grace Churches Network
MAIL TO: Dale Workman, Community Grace Brethren Church, 5885 Downey Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805