The Grace Churches Network is a familial collection of churches. Hopefully long before you got to this application, you have gotten to know the people and leaders and churches in our Network. We want to be a visible manifestation of the Family of Jesus through multiple churches in our region. The three core principles that frame our network are “Biblical Truth, Biblical Relationships & Biblical Mission.”

We want to start and continue in relationship with you and your church family. If you don’t have any relationships with people, leaders and/or churches in the Grace Churches Network we ask that you don’t fill out this application and that you get to know us first. If you don’t know where to start, please reach out to the leaders on the website.

One last important note, the Grace Churches Network is a “Doing Business As” [DBA] designation of the “Grace Brethren Conference of Southern California – Arizona, Inc.” The Conference is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been recognized by the IRS since October 1990.

Before you walk forward in the application process, we also invite you to see a copy of the entire application, review our Network Information, our Leadership, our Statement of Faith & Purpose, our Bylaws and the entire website with your church’s leadership team. Please make sure the Lord is leading your church family in unity with joining our network!

Our process after the completion of the application:  The Council of Directors will approve or disapprove of the application with explanation and submit their recommendation to the Grace Churches Network churches within thirty (30) days. Each member church will then have thirty (30) days to communicate its decision to either endorse or reject the Council’s action. The Council will then communicate the will of Grace Churches Network to the applicant. (Per our Bylaws)

You can go to the online application here or below is an online form you can form that you can fill out or