Charis Celebration Sunday is Here!

We hope your church is joining with hundreds of others around the world to learn about how God brought Charis into existence and is using this vibrant alliance to bring the hope of Christ to the corners of the globe.

Grace Churches Network hopes you will take some special time on Sunday November 5 to celebrate our global movement and seek God’s blessing upon our common pursuit of biblical truth, biblical relationship and biblical mission.

Find out more about the Charis Alliance online in English, French & Spanish

The churches of The Charis Alliance share a common quest — to faithfully and creatively represent God’s Son and God’s Word among the diverse cultures of our world. The movement began in a small German village in 1708, when eight men and women committed to creating a church faithful to the teachings of the New Testament. Persecution soon forced them to immigrate to North America. Over the centuries, the movement morphed, divided and grew, so that today it is represented by churches and outreach efforts in thirty-three countries. While individual churches and groups of churches maintain their autonomy, The Charis Alliance provides a platform for these churches to pursue matters of common benefit and interest.



Highlights Charis Alliance church locations and how best to pray for them