Charis Celebration Sunday November 5th!

Sunday  //  November 5  //  2017

Your church is invited to join with hundreds of others around the world to learn about how God brought Charis into existence and is using this vibrant alliance to bring the hope of Christ to the corners of the globe.

Join churches around the world in celebrating our global movement and seeking God’s blessing upon our common pursuit of biblical truth, biblical relationship and biblical mission.

The following resources are designed to help you prepare your church for the event…

See you at our First Grace Leaders Network Gathering for this Year!

See you at our First Grace Leaders Network Gathering for this Year!

Here comes the fall with school and all the rhythms of the ministry year…where did the summer go?!?!

We are starting back up with our monthly network gatherings and are excited that our Fellowship Coordinator, Tom Avey will be with us!    


Tuesday, September 12th 


with a FREE Lunch to follow

@ Grace Church of Orange

2201 E. Fairhaven Ave. Orange, CA 92869


Social Concerns Committee Response to Charlottesville Incident

Our broader United States of America collection of churches-the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches-has a committee which articulates helpful positions regarding social concerns for our churches and leaders. Because of the decentralized nature of our Fellowship, these statements are typically proposed, revisited and approved as resolutions at the time of our annual national conference each July.

Because of the gravity of the Charlottesville incident, the committee felt that a response was needed. The following information and statement was circulated and we felt it important to be shared also with the network:

Subject: FGBC SOCIAL CONCERNS: Social Concerns Committee Response to Charlottesville Incident

Date: August 21, 2017 at 1:25:12 PM PDT

To: Pastors and other Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches Leaders:

We are all heartbroken by the incident in Charlottesville.  Worse, subsequent events have deteriorated our nation’s fabric and our ability (willingness?) to communicate and seek reconciliation even more.

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