3D Gospel Event by Encompass and Eternity on May 13

We’ve told you once and now we’re telling you again, you cannot miss this year’s 3D Gospel Conference

presented by Eternity Bible College and Encompass World Partners on May 13th, 5-9pm in Simi Valley, CA! 

Tickets are only $25 for general admission and only $20 if you purchase 5 tickets or more! Our keynote speaker will be Jayson Georges. Jayson has served in Asia for 9+ years, has written two books on this topic and currently serves as a missiologist for Encompass World Partners in Atlanta. Jayson plans to return back into the mission field at the end of the summer so this unique opportunity will not be available again anytime soon! 

Jayson has begun to forge a trail that most Christians have yet to consider and yet we guarantee the content he will present will be extremely valuable! Come and consider with us, is our Gospel, 3D? 

Follow this link to register for the conference, we can’t wait to see you there! 

Email Ernesto at – eduke@eternitybiblecollege.com if you have any questions! 

Ernesto Duke 
Eternity Bible College