Unveiling our New Logos and October Regional Round Table

October Regional Round Table in Orange


In keeping with the successful regional Round Tables we had last year in April 2016and November 2015, we will be pulling out all the stops for…

Tuesday OCTOBER 11th
10am -1pm (with a FANTASTIC Lunch included)

at Grace Church of Orange.
2201 E. Fairhaven Ave.
Orange, CA 92869
It’s less than 2 weeks away!

We want our Round Table to be an important time where EVERY leader in our district churches and ministries to attempt to be there. Please set aside the time in your schedule NOW!  And BRING YOUR STAFF, ELDERS, LEADERS, & VOLUNTEERS (both men & women are welcome!)!

We will have some give-a-ways of books and coffee…so you could go home with even more than an energizing time learning and conversing with fellow leaders and being GLAD about what God is doing in our region!

Book give-a-ways will include:

Neil Cole’s brand new book One Thing: A Revolution to Change the World with Love, as well as his first book Cultivating a Life for God.

Chris Suitt‘s A Personal Walk in the Presence of Your God: Principles for Listening to and Following Jesus

A host of Biblical Tools & resources from BMH BOOKS / GraceConnect



At our first gathering of the year, we had a great time with leaders from all over our region…and the USA!  In addition, we were able to unveil the new logos for our Grace Churches Network and the Grace Leaders Network:

September Grace Leaders Network Gathering

Tomorrow is the First Grace Leaders Network Gathering!

Our first gathering for the year is on September 13th @ 10am
At Bellflower Brethren Church
9405 Flower St
Bellflower, CA  90706

We will have leaders coming from great distances to be with us:  From as far as Grover Beach (Pismo) to San Diego to even Winona Lake, Indiana! Leaders are seeing value in our network…and making the time to be present. Your presence is requested too!

For this gathering, our Grace Brethren national coordinator Tom Avey will be with us from the midwest sharing updates from around the Fellowship.

In addition, we will have some guests from Grover Beach, CA (Pismo area) driving down to visit with our network. They are from a church plant called New Horizons Family Fellowship and they are looking to get to know who we are in the Grace Churches Network.

Below is a picture of some of the leaders meeting Mindi and Mike Jentes back in July (fortunately we didn’t scare them away!) They just want to hang out with us too, but we’ll create some time for them to share their story as well!

Also, we just received info that a Grace Brethren leader named Trevor Deck who has landed in the San Diego area working with Wycliffe and refugees will be coming north to connect with our network!

I’ve been working with Wycliffe Bible Translators for the past 10 years. We have worked in Bangladesh, done recruiting for awhile,  and most recently we were in Bulgaria with the Roma (Gypsy people). We have a new assignment now, right here in Southern California! Last month I took a new role to identify minority languages here in San Diego that still have a definite need for Bible translation. As I find that there is a need for Scripture, I will help to begin setting up translation projects. The ideal groups for Scripture projects will be those communities whose country of origin might be too dangerous or difficult to access by traditional methods, and there is still a strong connection back to their home country, where Scripture can reach a larger audience.  Our Facebook Page-The Traveling Decks 

In our gathering, everyone will get to share about the good things going on in their ministry over the past few months…so you don’t want to miss this great start to our year!

We will start our gathering at 10am and go through Lunch (12:45pm-ish). For lunch, we will be ordering Subway, so please bring $7 cash to chip in for lunch.  Put it on your calendar, and tell your leaders to come with you too!  This gathering is for all the ministry leaders in our churches!

Go ahead and put the second Tuesday of every month on your calendar at 10am to be with the Grace Leaders Network (and see below for the October details!)


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