Introducing the Grace Churches Network & Grace Leaders Network

Introducing the Grace Churches Network

Because of your belief and confidence in the FUTURE, we are glad to introduce the next generation of the Grace Brethren Conference of Southern California – Arizona — the GRACE CHURCHES NETWORK. 

The purpose of our working together is to glorify God by encouraging relationships between both ministry leaders and member churches so that our cooperation in mission endeavors, Biblical education, and leadership development, might lead to the multiplication of new disciples and new churches.

Note: Our Facebook Page has also made the shift to Grace Churches Network. Our website and other social media outlets will be brought up to speed before the end of the year.

Updates on May 2016 Elections

We are glad to announce that all of the items on our May Ballot carried overwhelmingly. You can see the entire slate of officers and churches online.Here is your Grace Leaders Network Council of Directors 2016-2017:

Moderator: Mike Jentes    Vice Moderator: Terry Daniels

Secretary: Tom Hocking    Treasurer: Dale Workman

Members-at-Large: Jeff Patton, Glen Sykes, Ed Waken, and Brian Zuniga

Recap of 2015-2016 Gatherings

We had an amazing year of gatherings all over Southern California this year.

September – in Bellflower having a conversation as leaders together talking about the ways God was working on us.

October – Hosted by Grace in Simi Valley we had our friends from the church as well as The Master’s, Eternity Bible College and Cornerstone Simi with us.

November – First Round Table with 50 leaders! It was a Banner Day with leaders from 15 of our 22 churches being hosted at Community Grace in Long Beach! Read more here

December – We were challenged about Millenials and Generation Yi at the Community Grace in Whittier.
Recap online

January – In Orange we were informed about the Refugee Crisis by Alan Weisenberger. Then at the end of the month we enjoyed our annual FOCUS Retreat!

March – We visited Seal Beach and heard about Bob Wriedt’s transition and reflected on keeping the Resurrection Fresh. Recap online

Our Spring Roundtable with 50 leaders again! Hosted by Los Altos Grace in Long Beach we celebrated the tools and encouragement from around our network of churches & leaders. Recap online

May – Gathering on the Go in Boyle Heights. We went to LA to pray and see the outreach efforts of Norwalk Grace and their desire to see a church planted. Recap online

What a great & growing year of gatherings! We look forward to our network gatherings next year!

Introducing the Grace Leaders Network

Moving forward we are excited to announce the Grace Leaders Network

The purpose of this network shall be to facilitate a relational learning and collaborating network of leaders for the holistic development of churches in harmony with the Grace Brethren Conference of Southern California-Arizona.

It maintains some of the things we have known– monthly relational gatherings of leaders and dues of only $25 per year, but pushes into a broader and more balanced membership of all church leaders and the leadership of the network has advocates for Equipping, Shepherding, Missional work. We encourage you to check out the Grace Leaders Network Charter for the details.

The Executive Board for the 2016-2017 Grace Leaders Network:

Coordinator: Mike Jentes

Missional Advocate: Ed Waken

Equipping Advocate: Mike Sciarra

Shepherding Advocate: Roy Halberg

Treasurer: Dale Workman

Next Network Gathering…
September 13, 2016

Enjoy your summer full of fun and ministry. We will start back up with our Gatherings on the second Tuesday of each month during the school year in September.

Just put that second Tuesday of the month in your calendar from September 2016 and through May of 2017 right now!

Dues to Keep our Networks Doing

If you or your church didn’t contribute yet to help us keep doing what we are doing for the coming year we still need your support!

1) Grace Churches Network [aka Grace Brethren Conference of SoCal – AZ] This is the “Fellowship” of our Grace Brethren Churches here in SoCal-AZ.

$1 per Church Member.  (Note: National dues are based on another figure.) *Enclose a copy of the FGBC Statistical Form along with the District Dues for your church. Dues Deadline was May 15 but we are still taking contributions for 2016-17.

CHECK WRITTEN TO: Grace Churches Network

MAIL TO: Terry Daniels, Grace Brethren Church, 920 Fremont Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030
2) Grace Leaders Network [formerly the SoCal – AZ Ministerium] This is the group that sponsors our regular Ministers’ Gatherings.

$25 per leader. Dues Deadline was May 15, but we are still taking contributions for 2016-17.CHECK WRITTEN TO: Grace Leaders Network

MAIL TO: Grace Leaders Network Attn: Mike Jentes 6565 Stearns St. Long Beach, CA 90815